Working in the Recycling Zone

Harvey Hoch (top photo, left) and Jack Nerlinger rest after loading up sets of encyclopedias in the Recycling Collection Zone during a past Green Fest, while Rick Schulman (bottom) packs up some of the collected electronic recyclables. The Community Center parking lot serves as the Recycling Zone for the day-long event. Volunteers are needed all day to receive and pack recyclables. (Photos by Barbara Wetzel)


Open 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

More than two dozen collection stations will be set up in the Community Center parking lot. Save up recyclable items listed below and drop them off when you arrive at Shafer Park for the 8th annual Green Fest on Saturday, May 7, 2016.

Recyclables (Collector/Destination)

Appliances [working] & furniture (ReStore of Hagerstown)

Batteries - rechargeable & non-rechargeable (Wash. Co. Recycling)

Bikes helmets/tires/tubes & sewing machines (Bikes for the World)

Books, magazines, textbooks & encyclopedias (Booksavers)

Building materials, electrical, plumbing (ReStore of Hagerstown)

Canning jars (Green Fest Comm.)

Car seats - no metal frames (Apple Valley Waste)

Cardboard, paper, glass, metal & #1-7 plastics (Apple Valley Waste)

CDs & DVDs - no cases (Frederick Co. Public Schools - Tech Ed. Dept.)

Clothing & sports equipment (Green Fest Clothing Swap in Pavilion #1)

Computers, monitors, computer items for recycling (Horizon Goodwill)

Crayons - wrappers on (Green Fest Comm.)

Egg cartons - must be clean; no Styrofoam (Green Fest Comm.)

Eyeglasses & cases (Boonsboro Lions Club)

Fluorescent tubes [4-ft., limit of 6] & CFL bulbs (Green Fest Comm.)

Gift cards, store cards, credit cards - may be shredded (Green Fest Comm.)

Ink Cartridges, cell phones, handheld electronics (Green Fest Comm.)

Paper shredding [limit 4 boxes] 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. ONLY (Turn the Page Bookstore/All-Shred)

Pet supplies: beds, crates, towels, rugs, food (Wash. Co. Humane Soc.)

Plastic bags/film [stretchy plastic] & plastic cardboard (Wash. Co. Recycling)

Plastic buckets & Rubbermaid containers (Apple Valley Waste)

Plastic flower pots & nursery trays (Cat's Paw Organic Farm)

Plastic furniture, children's playground, i.e. Little Tykes, etc. (Apple Valley)

Prescription & over-the-counter medications (Boonsboro Police Depart.)

Prescription bottles with labels removed (Green Fest Comm.)

Scrap metal, appliances, including AC units & refrigerators (Conservit)

Shoes, boots, flip-flops, skates, etc. - no holes, pairs only (Green Fest Comm.)

Sneakers - all brands, any condition (Nike)

Styrofoam: clean block pieces only (Wash. Co. Recycling)

Toothbrushes & empty toothpaste tubes (Terracycle)

TVs [one/person] & electronics (Wash. Co. Recycling/UNICOR)

Used denim - jeans, jackets, etc. (Blue Jeans Go Green)

Wheelchairs, walkers, metal crutches & canes (Joni & Friends/Wheels for the World)

Wine corks [but synthetic corks go in #7 plastic recycling] (MOM's Organic Mkt.)

Wire clothes hangers - clean with no rust (Keefauver Dry Cleaners)

Please go to ARCHIVES for recycling information

from Green Fests in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014