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Miss Washington County emcee for ribbon cutting

Miss Washington County Mary King, guest emcee, and Green Fest Chair Jenny Sarnecki get together following ribbon-cutting ceremony.


Wind chases rain

as Green Fest brings

blue skies, big crowd


By Barbara Wetzel

BOONSBORO, Md. (May 8, 2010) -- Early morning rain cleared out just in time for the start of the second annual Boonsboro Green Fest on Saturday, May 8, at beautiful Shafer Park in Boonsboro.


Steady winds, very strong at times, didn't deter an estimated 2,500 people who wanted to learn more about how to help Mother Earth on Mother's Day weekend.


Nearly 100 vendors and more than 70 volunteers joined with the Boonsboro Recycling Task Force to put on the event dedicated to promoting conservation and recycling in the community.


"I want to thank everyone who participated, especially the many vendors and volunteers who braved some challenging weather conditions to pull off a great event for our area residents," said Jenny Sarnecki, chair of the Green Fest Committee. "We are grateful for their tenacity and their spirit."


Attendees had loads of offerings from which to choose,  including recycling opportunities, special speakers, entertainment and a wide variety of vendors of earth-friendly products, services and information. 


Hundreds of recyclable items - from bikes to computers, from unwanted prescription medications to used flower pots - were collected in the drive-thru recycling loop.


Goodwill, for example, collected approximately two tons of computers, monitors and other computer equipment. The document shredder truck was filled to the brim with shredded documents. The Bikes of the World truck was packed with bikes headed to either South American or Africa.


About 100 pounds of Styrofoam filled an entire large van for its trip to the recycling venue at the 40 West Landfill, according to Rick Schulman, a volunteer at the Green Fest and owner of Freedom Electronics Recycling of Williamsport.


Also collected were 140 cell phones, 112 pairs of shoes and close to 200 ink cartridges, according to coordinator Kathy Vesely, who also served as volunteer coordinator for the entire fesitval. Vesely is also chair of the Washington County Solid Waste Advisory Board.


Fifty pairs of eyeglasses were collected by the Boonsboro Lions Club and more than 40 rechargeable batteries of varying sizes were collected for recycling by Washington County Recycling Office, according to Janeen Solberg, Recycling Zone coordinator.


Almost 4,000 pieces of clothing were either swapped or sold at the clothing swap and sale - more than doubling last year's total of 1,500, says Brigitte Schmidt, coordinator. Hundreds of books also found new homes at children's book swap and sale sponsored by a Girl Scout troop. 


As many as 500 children were drawn to special activities in the Kids Zone, including crafts, storytelling, music, puppet shows, skits and the book swap, according to Rosemary James and Leslie Haardt, co-chairs of the Kids Zone.


Special speakers presented programs throughout the day in the Community Center where attendees spun a roulette wheel for more than 70 door prizes. Topics included: caring for trees, alternative energy, recycling, tomato-growing problems and repotting house plants. Laura Schnackenberg coordinated the speakers' program.


The 10 o'clock ribbon-cutting was emceed by Miss Washington County Mary King and attended by local, state and national officials, including five of the seven members of the Boonsboro Mayor and Council. The Town of Boonsboro has embraced the Green Fest as an official town event for both years.


Other officials showing their support by attending the ribbon-cutting were Washington County Board of Education members, school administrators, Washington County commis-sioners and government agency managers, a City of Hagerstown council member, state elected officials and Western Maryland representatives for Maryland's two U.S. senators.


Ten members of the Green Fest Committee were also on hand for the ceremony. They were: Chair Jenny Sarnecki, Sieg Gooding, Leslie Haardt, Amy Jones, Rosemary James, Brigitte Schmidt, Laura Schnackenberg, Janeen Solberg, Kathy Vesely and Barbara Wetzel. Member Sean Haardt was out of town and unable to attend. 


Blue skies were the order of the day. But brisk winds, extremely strong at times, played havoc with some of the tents and canopies used by the vendors.  The Task Force, in fact, lost its tent to a gust of wind in mid-afternoon and another pop-up tent was seen tumbling through an open, paved area in the Kids Zone.


Barry Martin of Boonsboro served as chief photographer. His assistants were Sieg Gooding, Green Fest graphics designer, and Barbara and Ryan Wetzel.

Check out the lineup


2010 Vendors



Recycling Collection Zone


The following collectors will have stations conveniently located in the recycling loop in the Community Center parking lot. Drive through and drop off your recyclables.



'Swaps' offer clothing & children's books

In addition to the collection sites in the Recycling Zone, there will be two other organizations conducting "swaps" of clothing and children's books. Please look for them inside the park.


Visit these vendors in the park


Conservation & Recycling



Renewable Energy


Eco-Kid Zone





Agriculture & Gardening



Eco-Home & Life



Health & Fitness



Food & Refreshment



Go to the Recycling Zone

  Save these items;

  recycle at Green Fest

There will be many opportunities to recycle a wide variety of items at Shafer Park on May 8. Most items may be dropped off in the Recycling Zone, located in the Community Center parking lot.


Here are the items that will be collected:

Mixed paper

Cans; glass & plastic (#1&2) bottles

Walkers, crutches & canes (metal only)

Sewing machines
Ink cartridges
Cell phones
Eyeglasses & cases
Egg cartons
Nabisco wrappers
Rechargeable batteries
Wire clothes hangers
Plastic flower pots & trays
Sneakers - all brands, any condition
Prescription medications

Clothing - all sizes

Children's books

Scrap metal

Computers, monitors & other computer items

Documents for shredding (10 a.m.-3 p.m.)

Styrofoam blocks (large packing pieces)



Ana Solberg captures the festival spirit on her face.

Green Fest offers

something for everyone


BOONSBORO (April 26, 2010) - Visitors of all ages will be sure to enjoy the many features being offered during the expanded Boonsboro Green Fest on Saturday, May 8 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Shafer Park.


General admission and all children’s activities are free.


The second annual Green Fest is sponsored by the Boonsboro Recycling Task Force and is an official event of the Town of Boonsboro. More than 70 businesses, organizations and individuals have also made monetary or in-kind donations supporting the festival and dozens of volunteers have stepped up to assist the 11-member Green Fest Committee.


Eco-friendly products, services, displays and demonstrations will be offered by 90 vendors stationed throughout the town park. A wide variety of food and refreshments will be available.


Products being featured include rain barrels, herb and vegetable plants, flowers, items made from recycled materials, fair trade handcrafts, lotions and soaps, jewelry made from recycled materials, goat cheese and recycled children’s items,


Children’s activities and special speakers are scheduled throughout the day.


Fifty-five volunteers, including 46 students, have already volunteered to help with everything from setup Friday night to brochure distribution to cleanup duties following the event. As many as a dozen more volunteers are needed. Sign up on line


Bring recyclables to the park

Collectors of a variety of recyclables will be stationed in the drive-thru drop-off loop in the Community Center parking lot.


Items being collected include: mixed paper, glass and plastics (#1&2); wheelchairs, metal walkers, crutches and canes; bikes; sewing machines, ink cartridges, cell phones, eyeglasses and cases; Nabisco wrappers; rechargeable batteries; wire clothes hangers; plastic flower pots and nursery trays; sneakers; scrap metal; computers, monitors and other computer items, and Styrofoam blocks (large packing pieces only).


From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. only, attendees may shred documents and dispose of unwanted prescription medications. Turn the Page Book Store Café, along with A Better Shredder, Inc., will offer free document shredding, with a four-box minimum. In addition, the Washington County Sheriff’s Department is sponsoring a prescription medication drop-off booth during the same time.


In addition to the collection stations in the Recycling Zone, there will be two other organizations conducting "swaps" of clothing and children's books. The St. James Catholic Church’s Gently-Used Clothing Swap & Sale will be located in pavilion #1 and Girl Scout Troop 40219 will have a children’s book swap at their booth elsewhere in the park.


Children’s activities

Youngsters can be engaged in activities throughout the day with crafts, storytelling, skits and music in the Kid Zone. Girl Scout Troop 40222 will be offering free green-themed face painting.


Special entertainment at the band stand includes:

·        Singer-songwriter Tony Martirano performing his special compositions from 11-11:30 a.m.

·        Boonsboro Middle School Band performing from 11:30 a.m.-noon and

·        Kathleen Jacobs & Puppets presenting an interactive program entitled “Magic Pots and Recycled Bottles” from 1-2 p.m.


Learn about trees, recycling, energy, plants

Five special speakers will present a variety of programs in the Community Center during the day. They are:

·        10:30 a.m. - Trees: Good, Bad & Ugly presented by Donna Brightman, professional landscaper from southern Washington County.

·        11:30 a.m.. - Recycling: Where We’ve Been…Where We’re Going presented by Cliff Engle, deputy director of the Washington County Solid Waste Department, Division of Environmental Management.

·        12:30 p.m. - Repotting Your Houseplants presented by Susan Jenkins, Washington County Master Gardeners.

·        2:00- Clean Energy presented by Clean Currents, Rockville, Md.

·        3:30-4:30 p.m. - Tomato Growing Problems presented by Rudy Medicus, Cats Paw Organic Farm, Union Bridge, Md.


Door prizes will be awarded before and after each presentation in the Community Center. You must be present to win one of more than 40 donated prizes.


Visitors will find the following food concessions primarily in the main pavilion: steamers, fruit kabobs, wraps, salad, Greek dishes, pizza, dessert, baked goods, snacks, popcorn, cookies, granola bars, bakery goods, trail mix, granola, soft ice cream cones, tea, lemonade, soda and water.


Boonsboro Green Fest Committee

Jenny Sarnecki is serving as general chair of the Green Fest for the second year. Her 10 committee members are Sieg Gooding, graphics design; Sean Haardt, recycling; Leslie Haardt, Kid Zone; Amy Jones, food concessions; Rosemary James, children’s activities; Brigitte Schmidt, clothes swap and traffic control; Laura Schnackenberg, speakers and vendor setup; Janeen Solberg, recycling and vendor placement; Kathy Vesely, volunteers; Barbara Wetzel, publicity and website.


A schedule of events, including times and venues, will be available on line prior to the event and in the program brochure, which will be distributed at the park.



Green Fest swaps:


shop till you drop



BOONSBORO (April 19, 2010) - If you’re in the market for clothing for your family or children’s books for the kids or grandkids, the Boonsboro Green Fest will be the place to be on Saturday, May 8, at Shafer Park. The festival and the swaps run from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


The Gently-used Clothing Swap & Sale returns this year after a highly-successful debut at the inaugural festival last spring, when more than 1,500 items of clothing were recycled. Sponsored by the St. James Catholic Church of Boonsboro, the swap and sale will feature clothing of all sizes, from infant to adult.


The children’s Book Swap is being organized by Boonsboro Girl Scout Troop 40219 and will be located in the Kid Zone in the southwest corner of the park.


Both swaps will be operated in a similar manner. Items will be accepted at drop-off locations during the week before the Green Fest, where participants will be given vouchers to be used for “free” items at the swaps on May 8. Those who have nothing to trade but would like to purchase items will pay a nominal fee ($1 for a piece of clothing and 25 cents for a book).


Clothing Swap & Sale

Drop off all sizes of gently-used, clean clothing at St. James’ Parish Hall (Ford Avenue entrance) on Saturday, May 1, 3:30-4 p.m.; Sunday, May 2, 10:30-11 a.m.; Tuesday, May 4, 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.; Wednesday, May 5, 6-8 p.m., and Friday, May 7, 4-8 p.m.


If you donate clothing but do not wish to swap, you may receive a donation receipt for tax purposes. All proceeds from the clothing swap will be donated to support the youth faith formation program at the church and items left over from the swap and sale will be donated to Holly Place in Hagerstown, according the Brigitte Schmidt, coordinator of the swap and founding member of the Recycling Task Force. For more information, contact Schmidt at 301-432-2887.


Items may be swapped or donated during the day of Green Fest, but the volunteers would prefer to receive clothing in advance to be sorted and sized, according to Schmidt.


Book Swap & Sale

Children's books may be donated to the Girl Scouts’ Book Swap ahead of time, from April 26 through May 1 at Boonsboro’s M&T Bank. Swap certificates can only be issued, however, during book collection at the Boonsboro Weis supermarket parking lot from 1-4 p.m. on Saturday, May 1, according to Howie Conway, troop leader.


Books may be donated, swapped or purchased, for 25 cents each, during the Green Fest.




Lots to do for Youngsters


at Boonsboro Green Fest


BOONSBORO (April 13, 2010) - The Boonsboro Green Fest Committee has made certain that there will be plenty of activities for youngsters during the second annual festival, May 8, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Shafer Park.


“Often the children become the teachers, when it comes to issues concerning our environment,” says Rosemary James, herself a teacher and co-chair of the festival’s Kid Zone, “When the kids learn something, they want to tell the grownups all about it.”


Ms. James has enlisted the help of local students and two special entertainers to illustrate earth-friendly concepts and ideas in ways that children can easily understand. She also has planned children’s crafts and storytelling during the day in the Kid Zone in the southwest corner of the park.


Kathleen Jacobs & Puppets, of Mechanicsburg, Pa., will present a program entitled “Magic Pots and Recycled Bottles” at the Band Stand in early afternoon. The puppeteer, as the cleaning lady, along with her puppets, will enlist the help of children from the audience to tell “recycled” folktales about recycling common, household articles.


Ms. Jacobs has been creating and performing for more than 20 years, including performing at the Smithsonian Discovery Museum and The National Theater in Washington. See more information on her website


Another special guest performer will be Tony Martirano, a song writer and performer, who is also an educator. He will be playing guitar and singing his uplifting brand of songs, including many original compositions. He plans to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of his CD, Put Something Good in the World, to the Boonsboro Green Fest.


 “We are so happy to have this high caliber entertainment for children of all ages to enjoy,” says Leslie Haardt, the other Kid Zone co-chair.


 She is equally as proud of the local students who will be participating in the festivities in many different ways. Members of the Boonsboro Middle School Band and Chorus will be performing at different time throughout the day at the Band Stand.


 The middle school Environmental Club will present a puppet theater, will make custom “green” buttons and will be serving as event volunteers. Boonsboro Elementary School fourth graders are planning environmental projects, including poster making, and performances in the Kid Zone.


High school students are signing up to help as event volunteers and earn student service learning hours at the same time. Deadline to volunteer is April 24. Click Volunteer Form to sign up. 


Girl Scout Troop 40219 of Boonsboro will be hosting a book swap in the Kid Zone. Children may bring books and swap them for “new” books at no cost. Girl Scout Troop 40222 will be offering green-themed face painting.


Other booths will feature children’s products, student artwork and information about birds and national parks.


Activities planned by the Green Fest Kid Zone committee include crafts made with recycled materials. Kids can make Mother’s Day cards out of recycled greeting cards and votive candle holders out of recycled jars. Younger children can listen to a read-aloud of Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar and then make a take-home caterpillar out of recycled bottle caps.


A schedule of events, including times and venues, will be available on line prior to the event and in the program brochure, which will be distributed the day of the event.


Planning in high gear

for 2nd annual festival

BOONSBORO, Md. (Feb. 17, 2010) - Building on the outstanding success of the inaugural event last year, the Boonsboro Green Fest 2010 Committee is already hard at work on the May 8 event planned again in beautiful Shafer Memorial Park.


Members are contacting potential vendors of earth-friendly products and services, and sponsors  for the second annual event, which will feature longer hours than last year.


"The only complaint we heard last year from vendors and attendees," says returning Green Fest Chair Jenny Sarnecki, "was that the Green Fest was too short, so we have extended the length of the festival by three hours."


The event will run from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the Saturday before Mother's Day. 

VENDORS wishing to be considered for inclusion in this year's Green Fest must send a Vendor Application to the committee by March 31, 2010. The form can be emailed or copied and mailed. Please be sure to include your website address so that visitors to the Green Fest site can access your information.


Along with the application, each vendor is required to submit a modest $20 fee for each 10-foot square space. Non-profit organizations (5013c) may request a refund of the fee, which would be returned after the May 8 event.


To encourage participation in last year's inaugural festival, registration fees were refundable for all vendors. Most, however, donated the fee back to the Green Fest Committee to help defray expenses, according to Chair Sarnecki. "We were so very grateful for everyone's generosity," she says. "It covered our expenses and gave us a little cushion for this year's event."


Sponsors appreciated, too

Fifty local businesses, organizations and individuals supported the Green Fest idea before they even had any idea how the first-time event would turn out. They stepped up with monetary donations and many wonderful items for door prizes.


"They had a lot of faith that this little committee of ours could pull off something as ambitious as this," said Ms. Sarnecki. "We believe we struck a chord with the community. That's the only explanation."


Again this year, the committee is seeking sponsors to help defray the costs associated with producing the festival, such as brochures, flyers, posters and signage. These items will help promote the event and serve as guides for those in attendance. 


"We want to make sure the attendees have an informative and fun day," says Ms. Sarnecki. 


Sponsors may make monetary donations, give items for door prizes or purchase ads in the brochure.


SPONSORS & ADVERTISERS - If you would like to make a donation, simply fill out our Sponsor Form by March 31, 2010. Monetary donations, as well as eco-friendly door prizes, are welcome. You may also purchase an ad in the brochure, which will contain a map and listing of all the vendors (and sponsors) and be distributed at the park the day of the event.


'All-volunteer army'

Planning for the Green Fest includes recruiting volunteers and getting them to needed jobs during festival day. Kathy Vesely, a member of the committee, is serving as the Volunteer Coordinator again this year.


Volunteers will be needed during an 11-hour span, starting with vendor set-up at 6 a.m. and ending with clean-up in late afternoon. In between times, uniquely-dressed volunteers will work throughout the park wherever they are needed.


"We will need more than 50 volunteers this year," says Ms. Vesely, explaining that 39 helped out last year, but the festival was three hours shorter then.


Ms. Vesely is starting early to get commitments from students and adults. She will match up abilities of the volunteers with the jobs available.


High school students will be able to earn up to 11 Student Service Learning (SSL) hours at the festival. Ms. Vesely will be authorized to certify the hours for the students.


VOLUNTEERS are encouraged to fill out the on-line Volunteer Form by April 24. You may volunteer for any number of two-hour segments or all day.

Official Event

Town of Boonsboro


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Festival's mission

Established in 2009 to promote conservation efforts and recycling within our community, the  Green Fest promises to again this year feature a variety of vendors, exhibitors and crafters who will share their eco-friendly products, offer demonstrations and provide an array of recycling opportunities.

Who will be there?

Everything from solar energy systems to composting to fair trade products to heirloom tomato plants to special children's activities to recycling opportunities to clothing and children's book swaps will be featured throughout the park. A variety of food concessions are also planned for the main pavilion.

Volunteers needed

Last year, 39 volunteers helped in every area of the park, helping vendors with setup, passing out programs, collecting recyclables in the Recycling Zone, helping in the Kid Zone with the children's activities and directing traffic. More volunteers will be needed this year because of the longer festival hours. Please sign up to help by April 24, 2010. Volunteer Form

Bookmark this website [] so you can return to view more information about exhibitors and other activities.

Donations welcome

The committee is also accepting donations and sponsorships to help defray expenses. If you are able to help out in any way, please make checks payable to "Boonsboro Green Fest 2010" and mail to: Boonsboro Green Fest, P.O. Box 64, Boonsboro, MD 21713-0064. If you have questions or would like to make a comment, please email the committee.


FIRSTS - Jenny Sarnecki, Green Fest chair, proudly displays the first vendor application and donated gift certificate for the 2009 inaugural event. The Green Fest Committee for the second annual festival looks much the same as last year. Returning chair Ms. Sarnecki has enlisted the volunteer services of the entire committee from 2009, plus two new members.


Green Fest organizers

Working with Green Fest 2010 chairperson Jenny Sarnecki are returning committee members: Sieg Gooding, Rosemary James, Amy Jones, Brigitte Schmidt, Laura Schnackenberg, Janeen Solberg, Kathy Vesely and Barbara Wetzel, along with new recruits Sean and Leslie Haardt.


All committee members reside in Boonsboro. Ms. Solberg also is the founding chair of the Boonsboro Recycling Task Force, which sponsors the Green Fest; Ms. Wetzel is a Boonsboro Town Council member; Ms. Vesely serves as chair of the Washington County Solid Waste Advisory Committee, and Ms. Schnackenberg is a member of the town's Park Board, which oversees the operation of the expanding Shafer Park, location of the annual festival.


Come learn ways to help Mother Earth on Mother's Day weekend.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Please print Boonsboro Green flyer promoting the May 8th event (Greenfest 2010 Flyer) and post it in your place of work, at your place of worship, at the local grocery store or on your school bulletin board.


TASK FORCE WINS STATE AWARD - The Boonsboro Recycling Task Force was presented with the Maryland Recycling Network's 2009 "Outstanding Environmental and Community Leadership Award" on June 26, 2009, at the University of Maryland, College Park. Members of the Task Force were honored during the 5th Joint Conference of the Network and the SWANA Mid-Atlantic Chapter. Present for the award ceremony were (back, from left) Harvey Hoch, Washington County Recycling Coordinator who nominated the Task Force, and founding members Janeen Solberg, chair, Laura Schnackenberg and Barbara Wetzel; and (front, left) Rosemary James and Kathy Vesely. Unable to attend were founding members Amy Jones, Jenny Sarnecki and Brigitte Schmidt.



History of Green Fest's sponsor:

Boonsboro Recycling Task Force


The Boonsboro Recycling Task Force (BRTF) was created in August 2007 to promote recycling and conservation efforts within the Boonsboro community through service and education.

The initial impetus which put the 10-member Task Force into motion was the loss of the residents’ only means to recycle - a dumpster provided through a Washington County program. The town government had been forced to discontinue hosting the bin because the remote site was being used as a dumping ground for much more than recyclables.

The group's first goal was to work with the town to reinstate the county's recycling bin program by finding a suitable location for the dumpster.


On Dec. 22, 2007, some four months later, recycling was returned to Boonsboro, as the recycling dumpster began operations at its current site - in the Park-n-Ride at the intersection of Alt. Rt. 40 and Rt. 67 in the town’s south end. Two years later, in November 2009, a second dumpster was added by the county to help take care of the overflow at this very busy site. 

A common site at the recycling area before the second dumpster was added.


To help ensure that the site would not be overrun again with refuse, the members of the BRTF offered to regularly monitor the dumpster site. The group kept its promise and a member visited the site each day for more than two years, until February 2010 when the town government took over monitoring duties on weekdays, with the Task Force checking the site on weekends. 


In 2009, residents deposited in the recycling dumpsters an average of 18.5 tons of recyclables each month. During the same 12-month period, however, the town still sent more than 1,200 tons of household waste to the county landfill. That's equal to one full ton (2,000 pounds) of waste for every Boonsboro household being buried in the landfill during the year.


The Task Force's second goal from the start has been to bring curbside recycling to the residents of Boonsboro. An estimated 3,200 people reside in Washington County's second largest municipality.

In late 2007, a door-to-door survey (
Click here to view the survey) was conducted by Task Force members to determine who and how residents were recycling at the time and how many would be interested in the town’s starting a curbside recycling program. Of the nearly 500 households surveyed, more than 86 percent were in favor of adding curbside services. The town, however, has not initiated a curbside program, as the Washington County government has been studying a county-wide program for the past year or so.

While the BRTF continues to push for more recycling services in the town and beyond, members have become involved in other educational and outreach programs to improve the community:

Green Fest - Planning began in early 2009 for the first annual Boonsboro Green Fest. The second Saturday in May was selected and members began to work on attracting exhibitors, sponsors and food vendors, and on promoting the event throughout the region. The event was so successful, with 84 vendors and thousands of attendees, that the committee immediately vowed to "Do It Again in Two Thousand and Ten."

Education - Environmental Clubs have been started at both Boonsboro High School (March 2008) and Middle School (September 2008), while plans are in the works to start a similar program in the Elementary School. The Middle School club has grown to more than 30 members during the 2009-10 school year.

MAKE YOUR OWN - Janeen Solberg (right), chairperson of the Recycling Task Force, demonstrates to a church group in Boonsboro how to mix eco-friendly household cleaners. She is assisted by Task Force members Kathy Vesely (left) and Jenny Sarnecki, who serves as Green Fest chair.


Green Cleaning - A demonstration on how to make eco-friendly cleaning products has been presented by BRTF Chair Janeen Solberg to groups throughout the community. If your organization would like to learn how to help the environment and save money at the same time, send an email to the attention of Janeen. 

Information - A recycling how-to information sheet (Click here to view the how-to sheet) was produced by the BRTF and distributed throughout the community and mailed with the residents’ town utility bills in 2008. A refrigerator magnet detailing what and where to recycle was also distributed to town residents.

Recycling - BRTF members collected recyclables during all of the major events held during 2008 and 2009 in the town's Shafer Park. Initially, the recycling containers were borrowed from a neighboring municipality for each event. The Task Force, however, felt that the town should have its own containers so they would be more accessible. The Mayor & Council agreed and the 15 new containers were debuted at the first annual Green Fest.


Since then, they have been used to collect recyclable bottles and cans during all of the major events at the park, at the South Mountain Little League baseball fields on Monroe Road throughout the baseball season and at other special events. The Town buys the special collection bags and the Task Force members set up, monitor and collect the recyclables to be placed in the recycling dumpsters at the Park-n-Ride on the east of Boonsboro. Nearly 50 extra-large, see-thru bags have been filled with recyclables that otherwise would have ended up in the county landfill.


TREASURES IN 'THEM THAR' LOCKERS - Task Force members Rosemary James (left) and Kathy Vesely sort the contents of the Boonsboro High School lockers during one of the locker clean-outs Kathy initiated at the high school. Hundreds of notebooks, paper, pencils, books and a myriad of other reusable materials have been saved from being dumped in the county landfill. The recovered supplies are then made available to students at no cost. The founder of the school's Environmental Club, Kathy is also the chair of the Washington County Solid Waste Advisory Committee. A group of students, earning their Student Service Learning (SSL) hours, collects recyclables each week from the classrooms. Without this program, there would be no organized recycling program in the high school.


Report - To let the community know about its goals and accomplishments, the BRTF produced a report (Click here to view the report) of its first year’s activities and made a presentation to the Boonsboro Mayor & Council in September 2008. Another report is planned for September 2010; it will contain a two-year summary of activities, including details about the first two Green Fests.


LANDFILL TOUR - The Task Force sponsored an eye-opening tour of the Washington County 40 West Landfill in the fall of 2008. Other tours are being planned. County Recycling Coordinator Harvey Hoch (left) led the tour. Harvey retired in early 2010; he will be sorely missed by the BRTF and the Green Fest Committee.


Members reach out to help community - Members of the Task Force are very busy with families, work, and other civic, school and religious activities. And the enthusiasm to treat Mother Earth kindly carries over into the community. One of many examples occurred when member Brigitte Schmidt initiated a soccer equipment and clothing swap (see photo below) during the start of the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) season in September 2009. More than 30 players were outfitted with gently used cleats and 20 players received soccer balls, while several others received shinguards, socks and shorts. Another swap is planned for the spring of 2010.


SOCCER SWAP - The BRTF and the local youth soccer organization teamed up to sponsor a soccer equipment and clothing swap during two Saturdays in September 2009. Showing off some of the gently used items are (from left) Brigitte Schmidt, a BRTF founding member and originator of the swap, Keith Juedemann, regional commissioner for AYSO, and Paul Kadin, assistant regional commissioner.


Expand - An important goal of the Task Force during its third year is to continue expanding its membership so current programs can be enhanced and new earth-friendly programs and projects can be initiated.


Make a positive difference in our community

Now you've seen what we've been up to. If these sorts of activities sound interesting and you reside in or around Boonsboro, we would love to have you join the Task Force. Email us and help make our community a better place for everyone. Our regular meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Community Center in Boonsboro's Shafer Park and are open to the public. Come join us.


BRTF meeting topics varied - The Task Force has played host to a wide variety of resource people discussing many topics of interest to the community. Topics have included safe food preparation for large gatherings, advantages of purchasing produce from a certified organic farm and how to reduce your carbon footprint. In addition, members viewed the movie "Trashed" ( during movie night.


CHOOSE CLEAN, GREEN POWER - Members and guests of the Boonsboro Recycling Task Force heard an informative presentation in March 2010 about how to use only wind-generated electricity in their homes. Amanda Duzak (left) of Clean Currents explained why and how residents can choose green power over electricity generated by coal and nuclear plants. BRTF members Sean Haardt and his wife Leslie were the first Booonsboro family to make the switch to Clean Currents, a clean energy company based in Rockville, Md. "Signing up was easy," says Sean. Go to for more information. Be sure to type in "Boonsboro" when asked how you heard about the program when filling out the application to switch to Clean Currents. There is no cost to switch to wind power. Maryland residents have had the opportunity to switch power providers since legislation was approved by the General Assembly a decade ago.

Sponsors & Donors






Turn the Page Book Store Cafe'


Michele Shaffer, CPA

Boonsboro 301-432-7227


CARE Services


Reese's Home Improvement

Boonsboro 301-432-8133


Sunoptics Prismatic Skylights




A Better Shredder, Inc.


George E. Messner Nationwide Ins.


Cochran Auctioneers & Associates Ltd.


Cronise Market Place

Boonsboro 301-432-7377


Boonsboro Wellness Center


Washington County Soil Conservation District


For Pete's Sake


Evolve Energy Systems


United Christian Fellowship Church

Keedysville 301-432-0110


Clean Currents


Inn BoonsBoro


Generated Power Systems, LLC


BodySense PT


Solar Cowboy Technology


Larkin Tea Company, LLC


Boonsboro Historical Society

Boonsboro 301-432-5889


The Common Market


South Mountain Day Spa


Cedar Ridge Soaps


Green Bamboo Quality Skin Care






Girl Scout Troop 40222



Millhouse Candles & South Mountain Honey


Lydia, Oh, Lydia!




2010 Green Fest

Door Prize Contributors


Millhouse Candles & South Mountain Honey

beeswax taper, lotion bar & honey


South Mountain Day Spa

free facial


Boonsboro Wellness Center

Hott Soxx (for pain) & room spray


Sierra Club, Catoctin Group

one Klean Kanteen


Michele's Granola

bundle of assorted granola


Two Acre Farm

three windowsill organic herbs


Greek Girl Cookies

basket of cookies


Washington County Soil Conservation District

bird feeder


For Pete's Sake

doggie gift basket


Luna Bella Herbals



Teresa's Treasures

small tote bag



YNotKnit book


A Sense of Place - Judith Layman

a field-grown drought-tolerant ornamental


Harmony Fresh Cut Flowers



Green Bamboo Quality Skin Care

custom facial gift certificate ($60 value)


Cat's Paw Organic Farm

Mother's Day flower


Vintage SilverWare



Hagerstown Ford

free oil change


Lydia, Oh, Lydia!

inspiration heart pinkeep & repurposed jewelry item


Black Eyed Susan



Landscape HMO

live, native perennial flower


Enkore Kids

gift certificate


Girl Scout Troup 40219



United Christian Fellowship Church

gift basket


Potomac Valley Audubon Society




fair trade gift basket



$20 gift card


Roostervane Gardens

floral arrangement


Clean Currents

local gift cards


Potomac Street Creamery

$10 gift card


Boonsborough Museum of History

private tour of museum for six


Reese's Home Improvement

$25 Lowe's gift certificate


The Common Market

$25 gift certificate to Common Market class


Black Hill Farm

lip balm, tea or salve



basket of Terressentials products


Caprikorn Farms, LLC

package of goat cheese





BodySense PT



Heart & Soul Organics



Oh, For Peter's Sake



South Pointe Fitness Club

three-month membership & two personal training sessions


Larkin Tea Company



Columbia Bank



**tba = to be announced


Help make 2nd Green Fest even more successful than the inaugual event


Dear Green Fest supporters,


Your generosity over the past year has been overwhelming, considering the troubled times many of our neighbors are experiencing.


We are committed to bring this free festival to the community so citizens can learn as much as possible about the many opportunities available to save money, energy and our planet.


But we cannot present a successful Green Fest without the help of like-minded people who are able to give something to the cause.


The first Green Fest, held last May, was so well received it humbled us all. We didn't even take a vote on whether to plan a second festival. It was understood that come the second Saturday in May - the day before Mother's Day - we would again be greeting hundreds of men, women and children of all ages in one of the nicest, most meaningful events staged in Shafer Park.


We did not do this alone. Our families stood behind us and worked beside us, 85 amazing vendors showed up even under the threat of bad weather, scores of volunteers pitched in all day and people from the entire community devoted some of their weekend to investigate this new idea called "Boonsboro Green Fest".


One of the most encouraging things that happened throughout the planning stages of this first-of-a-kind event in Boonsboro, was the support that we received from our sponsors and door prize donors.


They wanted to be a part of the project and they gave what they could. Monetary donations ranged from $5 to $200, while donated prizes ranged from a modest shopping bag to a night at Inn BoonsBoro, Nora Roberts' upscale hotel in downtown Boonsboro.


If you are able to support the Green Fest by being a sponsor, donating a door prize or volunteering your time on May 8, 2010, please step forward.


We will recognize you on this page and in our program guide which will be distributed the day of the festival.


And your generosity will be appreciated by the entire community.


Thank you and best regards from a grateful...


Boonsboro Green Fest 2010 Committee

Jenny Sarnecki, General Chair

Sieg Gooding

Sean & Leslie Haardt

Amy Jones

Rosemary James

Brigitte Schmidt

Laura Schnackenberg

Janeen Solberg

Kathy Vesely

Barbara Wetzel